Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Craft show season

My busiest time of year is upon us, craft show season. To help me better prepare for my shows I have a few questions.

Which clip do you prefer? The choices are limited as I will only be doing alligator clips at the actual show (besides infant snappies and some french barrette). However I cant make every item with every type of clip so a bulk of my items will be available in only those choices.

How do you like your clips lined? Fully or partially?

Thanks for all your help in voting on the polls! Please leave a comment below saying that you voted and you'll be entered to win a newsboy hat and flower clip set.

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  1. I voted and hope you have a successful show. I also hope you still have time to make items for us =)

  2. I voted!
    ~CherylandSteve Groves (from facebook) :-)

  3. Voted. I prefer single prong and fully lined... though cuteness matters more than either of these. Love your stuff!

  4. I just got my order today and LOVE the clips. I have been telling all my friends about you, passing along your business card. I hope the craft shows are successful for you!

  5. I voted! <3
    Conna Ridenour Weaver

  6. Is it too late to say I voted? ;)