Friday, August 10, 2012

Keeping Up With Dragonfly Bowtique

The one consistent thing about Facebook is their ongoing changes that seem to pop up over night and leave us confused. I've had many fans contact me to tell me they can no longer see our Facebook posts on their newsfeed. The reason for this is because Facebook wants us to pay to promote our posts to our fans which seems silly since it's the those fans who "liked" our page in the first place toto stay up to date with our posts. Right now only 10% of our fans are able to see our posts at a given time which leaves many of you wondering where we have been.

Below is a quick tutorial to make sure you are up to date on all of the latest Dragonfly Bowtique information (and freebies!).

Step 1: Visit our facebook page: and make sure you like your our page.

Step 2: "Hover" with your mouse over the box that says "Liked" to bring up a drop down menu. Make sure "Show in News Feed" is checked, if not, go ahead and click it.

Step 3: On the same drop down menu as above you will see the option create a new list (+ New List). This is a great way to not only stay up to date with Dragonfly Bowtique but also to stay up to date on other Facebook pages that you might have liked. You'll notice on my picture that I have several lists above the option to add a new one (Sports, Photography, Clean Eating, Etc.), this allows me to save all the pages that have to do with that particular category so I can view all their updates at once.

You can choose to make your lists public, only viewable by your friends or private so only you can view them. I personally keep mine private but you are free to do whatever. You'll also need to name your list. You can name it after the page if you are specifically saving that page only or you can make up a larger category to add us too.

You'll notice for this exercise I went ahead and named it after the page to keep only our page in this particular list. When you are done typing a name and selecting who can view the list, click done.

Step 4: Back on your newsfeed you'll notice the list you created on the left hand side. It wont look exactly like the picture below since I am the owner of the page but you should be able to locate it fairly easily.

You'll want to hover the mouse on to of the page link and then click on the little pencil icon to edit the settings. After doing this you will see the option to "Add to Favorites". Click that and the list will automatically be added above right under your friends.

The next time you want to see what Dragonfly Bowtique is up to, you'll be able to click on the list and view all of our posts.

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